Gunslinger Stratos the Animation // First Impressions

Screenshot - 4_4_2015 , 7_07_54 PMSo this is something that, from what I’ve heard, goes by “Fauxobuchi” where you have a work where Gen Urobuchi only comes up with the scenario and everything else is done by someone else and only just uses his name to build false hype and sales. Considering Aldnoah.Zero was guilty of that, we’re in for something subpar with this.

Gunslinger Stratos the Animation, an A-1 Pictures adaptation of the Square Enix light-gun arcade game, is set in the year 2115 in a dystopian Japan where its citizens are ranked based on family name and wealth. Tohru Kazasumi is a D-Rank and has mostly accepted that until a young girl drangs him into a brand new world of action.

Is this the new Magical Warfare? Because it certainly sounds like it. Already we have what could be the first massive dud of the season. Since it came from A-1, who has only made a few decent anime as far as I’ve seen, I’m not the least bit surprised. Heck, you can say I expect only mediocrity from them nowadays. I thoght this was based from a video game. It’s looks more like a light novel adaptation instead. Considering the first episode is really boring, awful and cliched, I might as well think so. And the production values… Did anyone even bother to quality-check this show before sending it off to the airwaves!? I probably shouldn’t hold my breath that this will get any better. Word of advice: Just because Urobuchi’s name is attached to the product doesn’t mean that it’s instantly golden. I learned that one the hard way with Aldnoah.Zero.

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