Thoughts on Dragon Ball Super

The Krillin Owned counter is gonna get some extra hits, ain't it?

The Krillin Owned counter is gonna get some extra hits, ain’t it?

So from out of nowhere, Toei announced yesterday morning that a new Dragon Ball series is planning to air in Japanese TVs this July. Dragon Ball Super will be the first new Dragon Ball series in 18 years since Dragon Ball GT (Nope, Kai doesn’t count as a new series). I suppose this was to be expected, considering the huge success of both Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’ movies.

Is Dragon Ball Super a good thing or bad thing? Lets weigh in the big pro and big con.

The big pro is that Akira Toriyama, the original creator of the Dragon Ball manga, will be involved with the project, which means it could be better than GT at least, which Toriyama had little involvement with. And of course, much like Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’, it’s set in the 10-year gap between the Majin Buu saga and the epilogue, which makes it canon to the Dragon Ball franchise. Also, the story teases villans even stronger than Buu and Frieza. Although I don’t understand how you can go any higher than Beerus, the freaking God of Destruction. (Even though Beerus wasn’t much of a villain) But hey, Toriyama always finds a way. Somehow.

The big con is, well… Toei. Yeah, that speaks for itself. Recently, probably after they ended Toriko (or maybe earlier than that), they’ve been hitting new lows when it comes to proper animation quality. *cough*Sailor Moon Crystal* And let’s not even get into their schedule slips. What’s to say that Dragon Ball Super will really air this July? Remember when Sailor Moon Crystal was supposed to air in the Summer of 2013, and then Winter of 2014? And hell, where’s Digimon Adventure Tri at? Huh?! I think that after waiting 2 years for Sailor Moon Crystal, everyone has learned that if there’s no PV out, then we have reason to believe it’s not coming for awhile.

Well, I’m mostly excited to see what’s to come of Super, but I’m not too crazy about that fact that I have to care about Dragon Ball once again. I was supposed to stop after Battle of Gods.

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