Durarara!!×2 (Part 2) // First Impressions

Screenshot - 7_4_2015 , 12_42_55 PMIt’s summertime. Midst all the 4th of July celebrations, Anime Expo happening as of this writing, Istill have some anime to watch,and I gotta start off my anime season with this show that I honestly don’t expect anything out of.

Continuing where we last left off, part 2 of Durarara!!x2 begins with news about Izaya’s stabbing spreading around Ikebukuro. But being stuck in a hospital isn’t enough to stop Izaya from luring out his enemies. Meanwhile, word is spreading about a new threat by the name of Yodogiri Jinnai, the man who stabbed Izaya.

Yeah, no. I’m still let down. The opening of the second part was just like the whole of the first part. It felt boring, uneven, and just uninteresting. I feel like if Durarara!!x2 had came earlier than now, it would’ve gotten higher points, but now I’m not feeling it anymore. If I don’t see any improvement, then I might have to scratch off this whole season of Durarara!! as a bust.

That fucking van again…

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