Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers // First Impressions

Screenshot - 7_4_2015 , 3_59_17 PMWell, this season has its fair share of sequels that will either keep me entertained or bore me out of my skull. But let’s see if the original stuff can entertain me as well.

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, a Passione adaptation of Ishio Yamagata’s light novel, is set in a time where every few hundred years, six heroes are chosen by the Goddess of Fate to defend the world from the Demon God and its fiends. Adlet Mayer, the self-proclaimed strongest man in the world, is chosen to as one of the Six Braves. However, when he meets with the others, there appears to be one too many, which leads the Braves into believing one of them is a fake who is out to sabotage their mission.

First episode in left me very impressed. Granted the first episode only introduced two of the Six (Seven) Braves, so presumably next episode will introduce the other five protagonists, and get the plot moving. But, I’ve enjoyed what I see. I think Rokka might be a show that has alot of promise this season. Oh, please show your promise, Rokka. I’ve said it a few times thst a show has promise and most of them ended up blowing it in the end.

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