Gangsta. // First Impresssions

Don't worry, they're the good guys. Just not... "good" good guys.

Don’t worry, they’re the good guys. Just not… “good” good guys.

So, I was thinking about opening this show with talk about busting a cap into someone’s ass, but then I realized that this isn’t that kinda show, so… yeah, I won’t do that. Anyway…

Gangsta., a Manglobe adaptation of Kohske’s manga, follows the “Handymen”, Nicolas Brown and Worick Arcangelo, a duo of hired guns that handle the dirtiest of work that not even the police, the mafia, let alone anyone else in the city of Ergastulum is willing to do.

Gangsta. gives off some vibes that reminded me much of Black Lagoon, what with all the hired guns and crime and moral ambiguity. The show certainly reminds me of those action crime movies that you don’t see often. And the first episode, although nothing special, is good and leaves me very interested in what will happen somewhere along the road. This season is starting to show alot of promise in its shows (even more than last season), and I think Gangsta. is one worth taking a look at.

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