Overlord // First Impressions

Screenshot - 7_7_2015 , 11_35_11 AMSo I’m not looking forward to this anime at all, becuase of multiple reasons. It’s a light novel adaptation by Madhouse. Madhouse, I love you guys, but your light novel adaptations suck. Also, it’s a vidya game anime. Y’know, like Sword Art Online, and No Game, No Life. Is this gonna suck?

Overlord, a Madhouse adaptation of Kugane Mariyama’s light novel, is set in the year 2138, where the Dive-MMORPG Yggdrasil is scheduled to be permanently shut down. Veteran player Momonga decides to stick around until the servers go offline at midnight. However, after midnight passes, he finds himself still inside the game, with all the NPCs becoming like real. With no friends and family in the real world, Momonga decides to become God of the new Yggdrasil.

You see what I mean about these vidya game anime being nothing more than power fantasies meant for basement-dwelling teenage losers. Well, Overlord is not subtle about its fantasy. At first, the setup sounded like an interesting idea, but then it showed itself to be really ugly in the first episode. It helps that the rest of the episode isn’t that exciting at all, and the main character isn’t likable, either. This show has a similar setup like Log Horizon, but it’s like it took that setup the bad way. People, get it through your head: Just because the show setting in an MMO game doesn’t mean the show is automatically golden. Watch this show become one of the more popular ones of the summer because “MC PLAYZ TEH VIDYA GEEMZ”. Ugh…

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