K: Return of Kings // First Impressions

7.8/10 Too much blue-ass filters.

7.8/10 Too much blue-ass filters.

Studio GoHands, just so you know, you’re still on my animation company shitlist. Your insistence with ugly animation hidden under ugly blue-ass filters and unneccesary fanservice is rather stupefying. Matter of fact, I was bored out of my skull with the movie Missing Kings. I only really watched it so I won’t get lost with this new season (Not that it made any difference) that I honestly am not expecting to be good. The first season was an overhyped borefest of all style and no substance. The movie was an even bigger borefest of all style and no substance (At least Anna was awesome. That’s the only good thing I can say about it). Now I just get the feeling that you are only continuing with K in order to make a quick buck from the fujoshi crowd.

Continuing where the 2014 movie Missing Kings, the second season of K is set a year after the first season. After the disappearance of Isana Yashiro, also known as the Silver King, Adolf K. Weissman, the Green Clan, JUNGLE, has appeared on the scene, causing trouble for both the Red Clan, HOMRA, and the Blue Clan, SCEPTER4.

Apparently, someone at GoHands thought the blue-ass filters in the first season and Missing Kings weren’t enough, so they decided to make them even more blue-r. Well, it’s more headache-inducing this time around. What’s even more headache-inducing is the complete lack of plot, once again focusing solely on style without substance. That aside, if you didn’t like the ugly animation hidden under ugly blue-ass filters and unneccesary fanservice from the previous entries, you certainly won’t like it here in Return of Kings, because they’re back even more than usual.

Oh, boy. I think I need an aspirin.

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