Comet Lucifer // First Impressions

Screenshot - 10_4_2015 , 1_50_53 PMSo apparently, 8bit decided that after the craptastic second season, Infinite Stratos is not worth it anymore and decided to move on. Good for you, 8bit. We don’t need anymore of that generic school battle harem crap.

Comet Lucifer, a Studio Bones–er, I mean, an 8bit original, is set on the planet Gift, where the earth is covered with minerals called giftdium. The story follows Sogo Amadi, a young man who collects rare minerals. One day, Sogo gets caught in the middle of a scuffle between him and his classmates and ends up falling down a hole into an abandoned mine with a lake. There, he meets a strange young woman emerging from. a crystal, and their meeting opens a world of new adventure.

Ehhh, for a first episode, this was kinda weak. And here’s the main issue I have with Comet Lucifer: This “young man’s coming-of-age science-fiction story” premise has been done before, and you know what that was called? Eureka Seven. Yeah, this one has a bit too many parallels to that. I do hope that this becomes something different, but I’m not gonna hold my breath over it.

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