Concrete Revolutio // First Impressions

Screenshot - 10_4_2015 , 4_27_51 PMThere was a time when superheroes has a thing called a secret idientity, and that all changed when some rich guy appeared at a press conference and announce to the world “I am Iron Man”. Now there are superheroes everywhere. We need something to goven these guys. Y’know, without it descending into a Civil War.

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou, a Bones original, is set in an age of apoptheosis, where superpowered humans of various origins walk among normal humans. The story follows Jiro Hitoyoshi, an agent of the Superhuman Bureau, an governement organization design to identify and protect these superhumans.

Concrete Revolutio (I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be an N somewhere in there) is a show that has everything, magical girls, transforming mecha, superheroes, you name it; and clearly trying to be everything, but isn’t succeeding at anything much. It doesn’t help that so much is happening at once that it doesn’t take its time to explain itself. Like, slow down. You gotta let us suck it all in for a moment. You do too much, and you end up losing the audience. Concrete Revolutio (Are you sure there’s not supposed to be an N at the end there?) has a great premise, but the execution needs more work.

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