Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya // First Impressions

Screenshot - 10_10_2015 , 10_30_18 AM

If you ever find yourself asking why you’re still watching this show like I did, look at the above pic and you have your answer.

You know what? I don’t think I can outright hate Seraph of the End. I mean, yeah, it is a dumb, edgy Attack on Titan-wannabe, and the first half where bloody nothing happened until the end. But it really isn’t that terrible. It has a bayonet that shoots tigers. That’s awesome.

In the second half of Seraph of the End, after learning that his best friend Mikaela is alive and turned into a vampire, Yuichiro searches for any information on how to change him back to human, as well as the experiments the Hyakuya Orphanage performed on him. Meanwhile, the Imperial Demon Army learn that the vampires are planning to attack Tokyo and move towards launching a surprise attack in Nagoya.

Yeah, I’m gonna be honest. I don’t really take Seraph seriously that much. I just watch it for Shinoa, and that’s it. Just give me that, and whatever Platinum Games-esque weaponry you can think of, and we’re good.

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