Durarara!!×2 (Part 3) // First Impressions

Screenshot - 1_9_2016 , 12_00_03 PMWell, it’s been a whole year since the second season of Durarara!! started, and while it’s had it’s ups and downs, it’s been quite a fun ride. But it’s time to wrap this thing up. Unless they decide to do a third season in the next 5 years, then we’re probably gonna be here for awhile.

The third and final part of Durarara!!×2 has at least, like, a quarter of everyone in Ikebukuro are gathered at Shinra and Celty’s apartment, trying to piece together whatever the hell Izaya is planning with her missing head, aside from playing hot potato with it in his office. Meanwhile, the factions of Dollars, Yellow Scarves, and Saika are locked in a turf war to determine who will rule the streets, and several other unexpected events will drive this season to its conclusion.

As you know, it took awhile for Durarara!!×2 to warm up to me, but now I’m at the point where I can enjoy Durarara!! again enough to look forward to what happens next. I mean, sure, the first episode was just screwing around in an apartment room, but at least it was entertaining enough. As long as it doesn’t stumble towards the end, I think we’re in good hands.

Durarara!!×2 (Part 3) gets 3.5 disembodied Dullahan heads out of 5

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