Assassination Classroom Second Season // First Impressions

Screenshot - 1_27_2016 , 11_06_56 PMThe second semester begins in the second season of Assassination Classroom, and while some things at Kunugigaoka Middle School have changed, Class 3-E’s assignment still remains the same: To kill Koro-sensei before the end of the school year. And Koro-sensei has made it clear that he’s not going down easily. Time is running out, and Class 3-E’s failure means the end of the world as we know it.

As you know, I’m not exactly a fan of Assassination Classroom, mainly because I can’t understand the ridiculousness of letting an alien that can destroy the world if he so pleases teach of class full of trained assassins. But I can live with it. Although I don’t understand their approach. An super-powerful, nigh-unkillable alien that can speed up to Mach 20 has to have some kind of weakness. Like shoot some lasers at him when he’s not even looking. Or set up a proximity mine around his office or something. Surely he won’t be able to avoid those! Am I overthinking this? I probably am.

Assassination Classroom Second Season gets a speed of Mach 3 out of 5

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