Ace Attorney // First Impressions

Screenshot - 4_2_2016 , 8_03_21 AMLet’s be real: Video game-to-anime adaptations are usually a hit-or-miss. Let us hope this next one won’t be as objectionable as some of the bad ones out there.

Ace Attorney, an A-1 Pictures adaptation of the Game Boy Advance (later ported to Nintendo DS) video game by Capcom, follows Phoenix Wright {Ryuichi Naruhodou}, a rookie defense attorney under the tutelage of Mia Fey {Chihiro Ayasato}. Along with Mia’s sister, a spirit medium-in-training named Maya {Mayoi}, Phoenix will use all the evidence he has available to him and some logical (and some illogical) thinking to find the true culprit and prove his clients’ innocence in court.

As you know, I have two objections. The first being A-1 Pictures; One of, if not the most incompetent animation companies. I’ve lost the ability to trust them with anything; They blow this and they’re gonna earn a permanent spot on my shitlist (assuming they haven’t already). And yeah, they’re defineitly not gonna be blowing anyone away with these mid-2000’s visuals that are trying but failing to be like you’re playing the video game. The second being Yuuki Kaji’s prepubescent sounding-ass voice coming out of the mouth of a 24-year old man. Can you imagine that? I most certainly can’t. It’s not as terrible-sounding as I imagined, but, what was wrong with getting Takayuki Kondo back?  Aside from that, I did like what I’ve seen somewhat. Here’s hoping Ace Attorney can shake up the curse of bad video game adaptations.

Ace Attorney get 3 OBJECTION!s out of 5

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