My Hero Academia // First Impressions

Screenshot - 4_3_2016 , 3_44_00 PMThis next show seems to have a bias towards non-superpowered individuals. I mean, not everyone wants to see a human-like alien in red and blue tights fly around as opposed to a rich guy dressing up as a bat. Everyone knows the best superheroes are the ones without superpowers, but I digress.

My Hero Academia, a Studio Bones adaptation of Kouhei Horikoshi’s manga, is set in a time where 80% of the world’s population are gifted with special powers, or “Quirks”, at birth. As for Izuki Midoriya, also known as Deku, he is part of the 20% that are born normal, or “Quirkless”. Despite him being bullied because of his lack of abilities, that’s not gonna stop him from gaining his own Quirk and becoming a hero like all of the others, with the help of some special training from All Might, the #1 Hero in the World.

Just like One-Punch Man, which was hyped to Hell and back last fall (and actually delivered on it, for once), I walked into My Hero Academia open-minded. Fortuantely, I was not disappointed by My Hero Academia at all. Granted, this concept isn’t exactly new at all, but it is cool to watch since I dig superheroes and all. Plus, this has a lot of spirit and excitement to it, the same kind of spirit that made One-Punch Man fun to watch.

My Hero Academia gets 4 Quirks out of 5

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