Sailor Moon Crystal Season III // First Impressions

Screenshot - 4_4_2016 , 10_21_57 AMWhen Toei announced another season of Sailor Moon Crystal, after how the first two went, I was not looking forward to it at all. Even though I thought it wasn’t good at all, it was at least watchable. Barely. But with a new staff that gives the show life and no CGI transformations, I started to get excited for it. But even with this season adapting the best Sailor Moon arc, it is still very much likely to go rotten.

In the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, following their victory over Death Phantom and the Black Moon Clan, Usagi and her friends return to their normal lives. However, their rest and relaxation is short-lived when a new group of enemies known as the Death Busters appear, with the intention of bringing their master, Pharaoh 90, into our world and plunge it into an era of silence. Also appearing are two new and mysterious Sailor Guardians, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, whom despite opposing the Death Busters, operate on their own, without the help of the other Guardians.

If I can convince someone that Sailor Moon Crystal has gotten good, I’ll simply point them to this one episode, which is, honestly, tons better than the previous 26 episodes. I don’t miss anything from the previous two seasons, especially not those CGI transformations. Like I said before, there’s still a chance that this could go south, but from what I’ve seen, those chances aren’t very likely. You already won me back; don’t let me down this time. Well, I guess it’s time to get used to waiting every few weeks for– Oh, new episodes weekly? Even better!!

Sailor Moon Crystal Season III gets 3.5 Moon Spiral Heart Attacks out of 5

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