Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song // First Impressions

Screenshot - 4_20_2016 , 11_57_46 AMConcrete Revolutio was kinda a weird show. I mean, it had a lot going for it, but it had a really incoherent storyline. Fortunately, the previous few episodes strarted answering some of the show’s burning questions, and honestly, the show is much stronger this time around.

In the second half of Concrete Revolutio, in the three years after Jiro’s defection from the Superhuman Bureau, Japan has enforced their restrictions on superhuman activities even more. Meanwhile, Raito Shiba, the android detective that once opposed Jiro, has joined the Bureau. However, can Shiba’s determination to enforce the law stand the test of a demanding time, and what are Jiro’s new goals now that he’s turned vigilante?

Funny how this first episode is much more cohesive and has more focus than the entire first half. I mean yeah, every sci-fi thing still comes and goes in seconds flat, and that’s still an issue, but it seems to be one I can live with at the moment. Surprisingly, I’m enjoying this part more than last season, and I’m actually willing to see what will happen next.

Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song gets 3.5 uncharged android detectives out of 5

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