Flying Witch // First Impressions

Screenshot - 5_18_2016 , 9_56_58 PMSo this season is looking pretty solid all around and that’s good because we haven’t had a really solid one in a long while, but it’s missing something: Some good ol’ relaxing feel-good slice-of-life anime.

Flying Witch, a J.C. Staff adaptation of Chihiro Ishizuka’s manga, follows Makoto Fuwaki, a 15-year old witch-in-training who moves from Yokohama to live with her relatives in rural Aomori and to begin her witch training. Along the way, Makoto begins to adjust to life in a rural area, and her relatives begin to adjust to a witch living with them.

Yeah, Flying Witch is really light on plot. Fortunately, it makes up for that shortcoming with charm and pleasantness. Normally, I’d be bored out of my skull with shows like this, but the direction and atmosphere makes it a very delightful experience that stands out among the other shows that I’m watching this season. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Flying Witch gets 3.5 days of snow in April (I mean, really?! After April, I shouldn’t even be seeing a single flake of snow!!) out of 5

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