Kiznaiver // First Impressions

Screenshot - 5_18_2016 , 9_35_46 PMSo it looks like Trigger has two shows this season: Luluco is on the insanity side, while we have someone on the chill side.

Kiznaiver, a Studio Trigger original, follows Katsuhira Agata, as he and six other teenagers living in the city of Sugomori become selected to become Kiznaivers. Those who become Kiznaivers are psychically linked to each other via the Kizuna System, and whenever one Kiznaiver is either physically or emotionally hurt, the others share the same pain as well. Together, they must solve the mysteries behind the city’s decreasing population.

So Kiznaiver is a complete farcry from Trigger’s usual forte. While most of their shows have been pretty much over-the-top as possible, this one is on the psychological side. I’m interested in where Kiznaiver‘s going and I like what I see, but I don’t quite get it, though. Maybe it’ll make more sense when I give it more time.

Kiznaiver gets 3.5 Shared Pains out of 5

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