ReLIFE // First Impressions

Screenshot - 7_1_2016 , 5_38_14 PMSummer has begun. And let’s start with a brief question: What if you had the chance to redo your life before you graduate high school? Just a fresh new start on an adult life, no strings attached (at least I don’t think so).

ReLIFE, a TMS Entertainment adaptation of Sou Yayoi’s web manga, follows Arata Kaizaki, a 27-year old whose life has went straight to Hell after quitting his first job after only three months. With his allowance from parents cut off and unable to land a job, it seems he’s reached the end of the line …until a strange man named Ryo Yoake appears before him and offers him to join ReLIFE, a social rehabilitation program involving taking a drug that makes Arata look younger so he can redo his senior year in high school and turn his life around for the better.

You know I can actually get behind ReLIFE. I’d much rather relate with someone like Arata. The problem with shows with similar premises is that the main character just gives up on life. So far it’s done something right in that it doesn’t go in the wrong direction (and succeed in making me feel shitty about my own life). Much like every show, the subsequent episodes ultimately determine the strengths of the first episode, as well as the entire series altogether, but I like where ReLIFE is going.

ReLIFE gets 3.5 cigarettes in your school backpack (whoops) out of 5

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