Tales of Zestiria the X // Zeroth Impressions

Screenshot - 7_3_2016 , 7_30_34 PMAnd here we are, yet another game-to-anime adaptation. Recent ones have failed to not suck (Looking at you, Ace Attorney). Can this be any better?

Tales of Zestiria the X, a ufotable adaptation of the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC video game Tales of Zestiria by Bandai Namco, is set in the land of Hyland, where a strange, dark fog looms over the horizon. Worried that the fog is a premonition, the princess of Hyland, Alisha Diphda, sends two of her subjects to investigate, but when neither of them return, she decides to investigate the fog herself. What she finds instead is another land in a state of decay, and the dawn of an age of chaos approaching.

I have never played, nor have I any familiarity with Tales of Zestiria, Out of all the Tales of titles I know off the top of my head, it’s Symphonia and its sequel, the Phantasia anime, and the Vesperia prequel movie. That said,  I was really lost here. This is an issue with game-to-anime adaptations as of recently: It does its hardest to make me want to play the game instead. It sure does look pretty, which is something to expect from a top-notch production company like ufotable, aside from the CGI looking like it was made in the mid-2000’s at some parts. As long as this doesn’t turn into another production disaster like God Eater, it will at least be more watchable than that. I want to like TOZX and I want to be able to watch it without wondering whether or not it happened like that in the game’s story, but episode 0 has not done it’s job on selling me on the show, especially considering that overly dramatic whirlwind of kicking Alisha when she’s down that was the latter third of the episode. Maybe the series proper will be better…

Tales of Zestiria the X gets 3 Fire Twisters (Not making this us) out of 5

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