This Art Club Has a Problem! // First Impressions

Screenshot - 7_7_2016 , 8_02_44 PMThis next anime is about an art club making art.I like drawing and I took some art classes, so this anime appeals to me.

This Art Club Has a Problem!, a feel. adaptation of Muru Imigi’s manga, follows Mizuki Isami of Tsukimori Middle School’s Art Club. As the title clearly states, this art club has a problem. There are only a few members at the moment because most of them quit. Mizuki’s the only one who wants to make art. The student club president spends most of his time napping and taking pervy photos. Subaru Uchimaki is only there to draw his perfect 2D waifu. And Collete is almost never there, for mischievous reasons. Yeah, this art club has a lot of problems and it’s a wonder it’s still active.

Yeah, I pretty much was mildly entertained by This Art Club Has a Problem!, yet I still had the same issues that I did with New Game! (Man these titles sure do love their exclamation points): There are some laughs to be had (I did laugh a few more times than I did) and it looks like it could be a whole lot of fun in once I get used to it, but the first episode isn’t convincing me not to think otherwise. But much like New Game! , we’ll see if subsequent episodes warm up to me better than the first.

This Art Club Has a Problem! gets 3 2D Waifus out of 5

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