Izetta: The Last Witch // First Impressions

screenshot-10_2_2016-11_14_28-pmFall season is now upon us, and I want this anime year to end on a high note, unlike the last two years (Fall 2015 stunk, and all of 2014 was so awful that one good season couldn’t save it). Anyway, the season starts off with an anime where magic and historical war collide. Does that sound familiar to anyone, or is it just me? …Nah, of course not.

Izetta: The Last Witch, an original anime by Ajia-do, is set in an alternate version of Europe in 1940, before the era of World War II. The Imperial Nation of Germania intends to conquer Eylstadt, a small kingdom with a very little military force and natural resources. The first princess of Eylstadt, Ortfiné Frederika von Eylstadt, sets off to the neutral country of Westernia to negotiate with an ambassador of the Britannian Empire for military assistance. But before an agreement can be finalized, Germania had already launched their invasion. Little do they know that Eylstadt has one last defense that could turn the tide of war in their favor: A descendent of the White Witch of legend known as Izetta, who swore to fight for Finé’s sake.

Out of all the shows that I had on my watchlist for this Fall, Izetta: The Last Witch was a show that caught my interest the most. And it seems to have won me over so far. It’s kind of a shame that we don’t see that many historical fantasy anime that often, mainly because they go overlooked, which could only mean that it could be the darkhorse of the season. I really enjoyed what I saw from Izetta: The Last Witch, and I’d say it’s off to good start that make me want to look forward to watching more. Anyhoo, I wonder who’s behind this? …The writer of Guilty Crown?! Oh, geez… Please don’t screw this up, Yoshino.

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