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Thoughts about Toonami 2016 and Hopes for 2017

screenshot-12_31_2016-11_45_49-amWell, Toonami had a fairly decent year. Even with 3 1/2 hours, we still had a lot of good stuff (and Dimension W) come to the block. And a bunch of good stuff (and Akame ga Kill!) leave the block. But we’ve had a ton of good news, and I’m gonna go over everything that happened this year, and my thoughts about what each show has brought to the block.

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Seasonal Anime Reviews: Winter 2016

Yeah, a .hack/Sword Art Online crossover. Because the true king of MMO gaming anime needs to return to put this usurper in his place.

Yeah, a .hack/Sword Art Online crossover. Because the true king of MMO gaming anime needs to return to put this usurper in his place.

Seasonal Thoughts: Man, this season’s kinda… eeeeeh. I was right when I said to expect a subpar Winter from a craptastic Fall 2015. I was only really entertained by a few shows. And nope, I didn’t like Erased as much as you wanted me to; I’ll just save you the disappointment. I mostly spent time watching stuff on Toonami and in my backlog, and getting a handle on Bayonetta in Smash. Man, whatever happened to the really good Winter from last year? Was that just a fluke? The fact is that we’ve had four less than subpar anime seasons in a row, which hasn’t happened since Fall ’13 until Summer ’14, and that’s worrisome. About as worrisome as the likelihood that the Ben Affleck-directed Batman movie could get axed. But, don’t worry. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I think the quality of next season will determine the remainder of the year. Not sure about The Batman, though. Well, at least there’s LEGO Batman.

So Deadpool was fun from start to finish. Fun enough for me to forget Fant4stic was a thing. Enough said about that. But seriously, Hollywood? Just because Deadpool was a big success doesn’t mean we should start making every superhero movie R-Rated. It only worked because Deadpool couldn’t work the way it did it was PG-13.

On a more exciting note: Symphogear seasons 4 and 5, baby, YEAH!

On a not-exciting note, freakin’ movies for Sword Art Online and Mahouka, two of 2014’s biggest piles of hot garbage; which means, once again, Aniplex (and A-1, in the case of SAO) has ahold of your dicks. I’ll go into that at a later date, but I’ll just save you the trouble of those movies:

  • In the SAO movie, the bad guy’s a rapist, because Kawahara only follows one rule when it comes to writing bad guys and it’s “all bad guys are rapists.” Heck, I won’t be surprised if the Accel World movie has a rapey guy too, because why the hell not?
  • The Mahouka movie will consist of Crystal Dragon Jesus Donald Trump Onii-sama doing bloody everything, including turn water into wine, and his sister who’s waiting to dryhump him the first chance she gets.

There, that’s money and time saved for something worthwhile.

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Dimension W // First Impressions

Screenshot - 1_13_2016 , 6_57_10 PMThese sure is a lack of variety this season.  There’s some light novel junk on one side, and then there some sci-fi stuff on the other. It makes it hard to get excited for stuf this winter. So I might as well take a look at one of the sci-fi stuff. I already got one on my plate already this season with Active Raid, why not more?

Dimension W, a Studio 3Hz and Orange adaptation of Yuji Iwahara’s manga, is set in the year 2071, where unlimited resources of energy was finally realized with coils that draws power from the infinite amounts of energy from Dimension W, the fourth dimension that exists alongside Dimensions X, Y, and Z. As a result, the New Tesla Company established a new world order involving a system that produces coils. However, there are also illegal coils that are unofficially produced and used by criminals. The story follows Kyouma Mabushi, a Collector who retrieves illegal coils in exchange for money and gasoline, alongside a mysterious android girl named Mira Yurizaki, who has her own agenda left behind by her father, the genius mind behind the coil system.

Dimension W arguably has one of the better first episodes of this Winter season. It’s one of the few anime nowadays that can do initial expositions well. There is a very nice aesthetic to it, where we have the colorful and technological world of tomorrow and free energy, and then we have Kyouma and his style of being old-fashioned and living in the past, which is, essentially, our present day, it’s almost as if his entire character invokes that of some anime that used to air in [adult swim]’s early days. I’m not gonna say this is something great or unique, but the first episode of Dimension W does has something that makes it at the very least interesting.

Dimension W gets 3.5 collected illegal coils out of 5