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Thoughts about Toonami 2016 and Hopes for 2017

screenshot-12_31_2016-11_45_49-amWell, Toonami had a fairly decent year. Even with 3 1/2 hours, we still had a lot of good stuff (and Dimension W) come to the block. And a bunch of good stuff (and Akame ga Kill!) leave the block. But we’ve had a ton of good news, and I’m gonna go over everything that happened this year, and my thoughts about what each show has brought to the block.

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Hunter × Hunter (2011) // First Impressions [Toonami Broadcast]

Screenshot - 4_3_2016 , 10_31_45 AMHunter × Hunter (the 2011 anime) is a Madhouse adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga, originally running from Fall 2011 to Summer 2014 for 148 episodes. The anime is licensed by Viz Media and dubbed by Bang Zoom! Entertainment with a DVD and Blu-Ray home video release in the near future.

The story of Hunter × Hunter follows Gon Freecs, a 12-year old boy who aspires to become a Hunter like his supposedly deceased father. To reach his goal, he departs his home on Whale Island to go on an adventure to participate in the Hunter Exam, a punishing series of tests in which participants who pass, assuming they survive to do so, will earn a Hunter License.

Normally, I would be against the idea of Toonami having four long-runners at once, especially considering that since the block is running for 3.5 hours, that only leaves room for two other shows and one rerun. Personally, I would’ve preferred it if this had started after Dragon Ball Z Kai had wrapped up (assuming they don’t air the Majin Buu Saga immediately afterwards), but I suppose Toonami and Viz Media wanted to get it on TV as soon as possible. One Piece isn’t ending anytime soon and Naruto Shippuden has overstayed its welcome on the Japanese airwaves, so what other choice did they have?

As for the first episode itself, I do like what I’ve seen. There’s very little I can say about this one episode, but it’s definitely worth watching. And since Hunter × Hunter is highly regarded *ahem*, I’ll get to see what the big fuss was all about. With one episode down and 147 to go, Hunter × Hunter is gonna be here for a very long time.