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How Anime Strike Struck Out

I like to think that Rin is actually screaming in agony over haveing to pay $160 a year for just one streaming service.

As you know, 2017 saw the inception of Anime Strike, Amazon’s anime streaming service, which was probably in response to the Crunchyroll/Funimation partnership. They’ve been streaming anime through their video service for quite a while, but they’ve eventually made it a dedicated service. And it has pissed off alot of folks who stream anime. And now they’ve crossed me by locking up a few shows that I was planning to watch. Continue reading

Seasonal Anime Reviews: Spring 2016

$4 Million, down the toilet. And the end result was a game that is "better than nothing." I doubt Inafuune will be trusted with a Kickstarter-backed video game ever again.

$4 Million, down the toilet. And the end result was a game that is “better than nothing.”
I doubt Inafune will be trusted with a Kickstarter-backed video game ever again.

Seasonal Thoughts: This was a good season, way better than the last two Spring season. Like, the weakest show this season (Kabaneri) was still fairly decent, and the least worst show (Ace Attorney) has merits in that the source material is not a pile of shit. Can’t say the same about the adaptation, but I’ll get to that another time. You know, I’ll be surprised that we’ll see a season as good as this before, say…, Fall 2017.

In case you’re wondering where Rin-Ne Season 2 was… I decided not to watch it. If I wanted to be put to sleep watching something, I’d watch the 2003 Hulk film.

Anyway, let’s talk Arrow Season 4 *crickets chirping* …Or let’s not.

So Captain America: Civil War… I pretty much walked into this movie knowing it’s gonna fuck me up emotionally. And it did, Black Panther was badass and I’m super-excited for his solo movie. But damn, why I gotta wait 4 more movies for it? Oh, and Spider-Man was awesome too that I’m actually excited for a Spider-Man movie for the first time in 10 years. That should tide me over until Black Panther.

As for X-Men: Apocalypse: Well, I walked into this movie not expecting it to top X-Men: Days of Future Past or Deadpool, but personally, I liked it. I mean, yeah, it had its issues, like the Quicksilver scene, awesome as that was, happening at literally the most inappropriate moment possible in the film, but it’s a bit of a stretch to say it’s worse than X-Men: The Last Stand. But that’s just my opinion, y’know.

Honestly, as long as any superhero film has nothing as braindead as a jar of piss labeled “Granny’s Peach Tea” or anything as contrived as two guys’ moms sharing the same first name, they can’t be all that terrible.

So E3 was the same ol’ from last year: A bunch of all-CG trailers for more grimdark first-person shooters, AAA games that will be glitchy messes and look worse than their E3 demos *cough*Watch_Dogs 2* when they release this holiday season, and Virtual Reality bullshit that I don’t believe will ever catch on. Stop trying to make VR a thing, gaming industry. And yet The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game that is coming to consoles, one that is on its last legs and the other hasn’t even been revealed yet, the only game Nintendo showcased at E3, won best of show. What does that tell you about the current state of the gaming industry?

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress // First Impressions

Screenshot - 4_9_2016 , 7_06_19 PMJust going by the fact on who’s behind it, and the animation studio being notorious for production disasters *ahem*Seraph of the End*, I am just about ready for this show to be a trainwreck. A literal one, too. Well, I’ve kinda had my fill with Attack on Titan clones, so I’m not gonna hold my breath that this one will be any different.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, a Wit Studio original, is set on Hinomoto, an island where mankind has been threatened by undead monsters known as Kabane for twenty years. The citizens of the island built fortress stations and barricaded themselves inside to protect them from Kabane, and use armored trains known as Hayajiros as a form of travel between stations. The story follows Ikoma, a mechanic working onboard the Hayajiros that is finding a means to kill Kabane, and to prevent the infection from spreading should a Kabane bites someone.

Kabaneri seems to be what would happen if the writer and director behind Guilty Crown sat down and said “What if, instead of Attack on Titan Season 2, we start doing medieval Japanese steampunk Attack on Titan, except the titans are actually zombies?” And let’s be real, Kabaneri is essentially an Attack on Titan clone, but it has my interest so far in that it has something interesting to its premise, so it’s done something right so far.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress gets 4 Kabane heads decapitated by a bladed geta out of 5