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Seasonal Anime Reviews: Fall 2016

I mean, yeah, there were a ton of butts this season.

I mean, yeah, there were a ton of butts this season.

Seasonal Thoughts: Well, I guess the “One good season per year” curse seems to be broken for now, as this was a fairly good season. I was about ready to write it off as a bust and move on and start planning for next year, but honestly, there were a numer of noteworthy shows this season. I’m glad anime 2016 closed out this way,

So Doctor Strange was better than I imagined it to be. And so was Rogue One. I enjoyed that too, more than I did The Force Awakens. I lo Continue reading

Every Other Fall 2016 Anime // First Impressions (The Not So Good Stuff)

An A-1 Pictures adaption of the light novel by Chiyomaru Shikura, Occultic;Nine follows nine individuals brought together by the Kiri Kiri Basara, an affiliate occult website run by 17-year old Yuta Gamon. The mysterious supernatural events that occur around these nine will lead to an even more unimaginable event that could potentially alter the course of the world for better or for worse.

Occultic;Nine certainly has a lot going for it. Supernatural murder mysteries and what have you, and it’s written by the same person that did the Science Adventure series of visual novels or those semicolon shows, as some of y’all been calling them (despite Occultic;Nine being unrelated to them since this is a supernatural story), so something is about to start building up about a third of the way through. The problem is that the show is far too obnoxious and the show moves so fast that everything flies at a breakneck pace that leaves little to no breathing room. Especially considering that this is a show where breakneck packing does not work at all. At first, I thought it was just a random quirk of Yuta’s, but the entire show is like that. I think it thinks it’s supposed to be intriguing, but it’s not. It’s actually really annoying.

And don’t even get me started on the chick with those ridiculously massive hooters. There is such thing as “too big”, and those are way too big! That’s all I gotta say about that.

An original anime by White Fox, Matoi the Sacred Slayer follows Matoi Sumeragi, who works part-time as a maiden at the Kusanagi family shrine. Matoi just wants to live a normal life. However, “normal life” stops when mysterious spiritual attacks leave young women drained of their energy, and the spirit of Matoi’s deceased mother awakens within her and gains the power of the exorcist in order to fend off demons.

So this is supposedly White Fox’s first original, and originals tend to be more of a risk than adaptations. That said, Matoi has a really weak start. I mean, there is nothing new to seehere

An Lerche adaptation of the light novel by Asari Endou, Magical Girl Raising Project follows the eponymous social mobile game that allows one out of tens of thousands of players to become a real magical girl. However, the administrator has decided that there are too many magical girls in one area and proceeds to reduce the population to half in order to conserve magical energy. The game quickly turns into a twisted and murderous battle between the 16 remaining girls.

So here we go, yet another Madoka Magica clone.  Starts off cute, but goes down a dark path. And literally in the first minute was enough for me to have an idea what kind of show it would be. Not a very good one. I tell you what, obvious shock is not how you start off a show. And the rest of the show isn’t any better either. Won’t hold my breath on this one.

An original anime by Tatsunoko and Level-5 based on the Time Bokan series, Time Bokan 24 is set in the 24th century where humanity has invented of a time machine called Time Bokan. As they learn about the history of the world, they learn that history as written in the textbooks are all completely wrong. In order to restore the True History, the government establishes the Space-Time Administration Bureau. Unfortunately for our 21st century hero, Tokio, he is thrown into the bureau and must help to restore the True History.

Well, Time Bokan 24 is obviously a children’s show, which means it’s light on plot but high on fun. It seems fairly harmless, although it’s probably nothing to write home about.

A Satelight adaptation of the web manga by Shou Futamata, Nanbaka is set in Nanba Prison, a maximum-security prison that makes escaping from Alcatraz look like child’s play. For four of Nanba’s prisoners, each of whom are infamous for breaking out of any prison, they are up to the challenge, as they plot their great escape or extend their sentence trying.

Well, Nanbaka appears to be a balls-to-the wall show, probably a little too balls-to-the-wall for my taste. Seems all the comedy stems from all the traps and pitfalls that our dim-witted heroes fall for, and that can get tiresome after a while.