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Samurai Jack (Season 5) // First Impressions

In the fifth and final season of Samurai Jack, produced by Williams Street and Cartoon Network Studios, 50 years have passed since where we last left off. The time spent in Aku’s dystopian future has taken its toll on Jack’s biological clock and his mental state. With his magic sword gone and all the time portals destroyed, Jack finds himself falling into despair as he is haunted by visions of the past. And with the seven daughters of Aku coming after his life, can Jack survive long enough to find a way back to his time and bring an end to Aku?

Well, the first episode of Season 5 has pretty much proven that this ain’t the same Samurai Jack from 13 years ago. The difference between this and the first four seasons is essentially night and day. And it is definitely shapingup to be a welcome entry and a proper conclusion to Samurai Jack. To think that at one point we thought we never would see an end.

Thoughts about Toonami 2016 and Hopes for 2017

screenshot-12_31_2016-11_45_49-amWell, Toonami had a fairly decent year. Even with 3 1/2 hours, we still had a lot of good stuff (and Dimension W) come to the block. And a bunch of good stuff (and Akame ga Kill!) leave the block. But we’ve had a ton of good news, and I’m gonna go over everything that happened this year, and my thoughts about what each show has brought to the block.

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Toonami in 2015, and what I’m hoping for in 2016

Wallpapers_1920x1080_1So how was your Christmas? Did you get the gifts you wanted? Get wasted on eggnog? I sure as hell did.

With the Toonami block trimmed down to 3.5 hours, 5 new shows grabbed, 3 of these yet to be concluded next year, a number of marathons, and one Immersion Event, Toonami’s had a fairly crazy 2015, don’t you think? But while Toonami isn’t exactly in the dumps, it can recover.

So here are somethings that I’m personally (and hopefully) am looking to see from Toonami in 2016 (at least the first half).

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Thoughts about Toonami losing an hour

"We won't be intimidated by criminal threats, I tell ya hwut."

“We won’t be intimidated by criminal threats, I tell ya hwut.”

In an unexpected surprise to everyone, the Toonami Tumblr announced that due to lackluster ratings recently, they’re losing the 5:00 AM hour to [adult swim]’s King of the Hill. So after this weekend as of this writing, Toonami will be 5.5 hours long. This weekend will be IGPX and Samurai Jack‘s last week on the block for now. Some fans… are in a panic over this news.

This is not as worse as it looks. Nothing’s changed overall. Sure, losing the an hour means Toonami has less space to work with, but just look at the major positive: We’re cutting down on reruns. One issue I’ve had since November is a rerun as the block opener. The ratings mostly prove that reruns as openers don’t work, even if Attack on Titan is popular enough to bring in viewers. Which is probably why Dragon Ball Z Kai, a premiere, is the new opener. Also, once Kill la Kill arrives on February 7 (time TBD), that just means more premieres. Believe me, if Toonami really was in danger, then they wouldn’t even have Kill la Kill.

And as much as I am crossing my fingers that a Sentai Filmworks show will find its way on Toonami eventually (Come on, bring The Big O Season 1!), it most likely still would’ve lost an hour either way and it doesn’t even affect the chances of one showing up anyway. And it sure as Hell won’t impact the ratings.

Rest assured, this isn’t another Toonami doomsday. As long as you do your part in watching Toonami every weekend and let the staff do what they do (whether or not you agree with their decisions), it’s in good hands.