Episodic Post Listings

A quick guide to all the Anime series I blog each season, and any related posts. (Work in progress

Steins;Gate (contains Episodes 22-25)[Series: Spring 2011, Summer 2011|Special: Winter 2012|Movie: Spring 2013]

Blood-C (contains Episodes 6, 10-12) [Series: Summer 2011|Movie: Summer 2012]

Guilty Crown[Fall 2011, Winter 2012]

Morita-san wa Mukuchi(contains Season 2 only) [Fall 2011]

The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)(contains Episodes 1, 6-26)
[Fall 2011, Winter 2012]

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
[Season 1: Fall 2011|NEXT: Winter 2013]

X-Men [Spring 2011]

Black★Rock Shooter [Winter 2012]

Kid Icarus: Uprising Anime Shorts [Spring 2012]

Is this a Zombie? (Kore wa Zombie desu ka?) [Season 1: Winter 2011|of the Dead: Spring 2012]

tsuritama [Spring 2012]

Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean [Spring, Summer, Fall 2012]

Pokemon Best Wishes! [Season 1: Fall 2010 – Spring 2012 |Season 2: Summer 2012 – ]

Sword Art Online [Summer, Fall 2012]

Kyousougiga [Fall 2011, Fall 2012]

Robotics;Notes [Fall 2012, Winter 2013]

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