The Grading Rubric

When I rate Anime and Video Games, I keep a pretty basic 10-point scale.

10 (Godly!)
Very few anime will get this rating from me. This is something that goes above and beyond expectations. Not exactly a perfect show, but comes close to being one. There might be a flaw somewhere if anyone can find one, but to me, it’s just the greatest. Highest recommendation.

9 (Awesome)
This is something that stands above all others in its genre. The ideas may not be new, but the execution is well done. Highly recommended. In most cases, it’ll get a 9.5 because I’m too narcissistic to give it a 10.

8 (Good)
A show that is very much worth watching, although it’s nothing unique. Most people will like it while some may not. There are good things to be had here, but there may be some flaws which doesn’t stand out too much. Some people might be able to enjoy it if given the chance.

7 (Decent)
A show worth watching, but nothing spectacular. Some great ideas are present, but just aren’t used to its fullest potential. Flaws are noticeable, but can be ignored if given the chance. Some will appreciate it, others won’t. Basically, it’s a “like it or hate it” show.

6 (Average)
There is some enjoyment to be had for those of a particular audience, but the execution just doesn’t work as planned. Most people won’t enjoy it as much as they thought they would, so they may be disappointed with the end result. Still worth watching to the end, though.

5 (Bad)
This is the kind of show where it might seem good at first glance, but ends up very flawed when you look at it closer. The only possible enjoyment may be found in how bad it is. Maybe not worth finishing, unless you need a good laugh.

4 (Awful)
Few ideas work, but the rest falls flat. And usually, it’s “the rest” of those ideas that can bring the entire show down and potentially kill any enjoyment of a series. It almost makes you wonder what the writers were even thinking… that is, if they were even thinking to begin with.

3 (Horrible)
Something that’s so bad that it’s almost painful to watch. There may be some redeeming qualities present, but it’s hard to tell because they’re overshadowed by how strong the negative aspects are. Not recommended.

2 (Terrible)
A show that’s nigh-unwatchable. Insufficent in most, if not all aspects of execution to the point that there’s almost no enjoyment found whatsoever. These are shows that isn’t even worth the time. Definitely not worth watching.

1 (“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”)
This is it; the bottom of the barrel, the most absolutely worst thing you’ll ever watch. Once it hits this level, there is no going back. This is something that’s so godawful that it defies the very logic of suck. The only effort put into this is the effort to make it completely unwatchable. Any attempt to watch this will experience symptoms that may include, but not limited to: Sudden decrease in IQ, inability to speak/write legible sentences, stress-induced headaches, desire for alcoholic beverages, excessive facepalming, random fucking swearing, and banging head against the nearest wall. Nothing redeemable about this show. Avoid it like the plague.

0 (Sword Art Online)
Named after the first show I’ve ever watched to hit this low You didn’t just reach the bottom of the barrel. You went beyond the bottom.

N/A (No Score)
For whatever reason, there might be factors where I can’t give a show a solid rating, like I wasn’t able to finish it or I dropped it because it wasn’t in my interest.

? (What the hell did I just watch?)
Pretty self-explanatory.

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