Eureka Seven AO #13: The Past and The Future Become Present

Last episode, Eureka showed up! Need I say more? However, this Eureka seems… different somehow.

As I assumed last episode, Eureka is indeed pregnant, at six months. Now continuing where we last left off, Eureka notes that this Earth is different from her Earth, where humans and Scub Corals live together.

Meanwhile, the Allied Forces are informed of Eureka’s appearance and move to retrieve her and the Nirvash TypeZERO. Nakamura converses with Colonel Endo, a survivor of the Scub Burst 10 years ago which brought Eureka to this world and asks for his help in bringing her in.

Gee, I wonder if Nakamura knows who this lady might be. Surely he must not be that blinded from the ‘truth’.

So, yeah. Truth is here and he’s after Eureka and Nirvash TypeZERO too. Anyway, upon the Triton’s reentry into Earth, Hannah, who’s accompanying Team Pied Piper at the moment, mentions that Eureka not only once saved Ivica’s life 10 years ago, but was also responsible for Generation Bleu’s formation. Meanwhile, “Elena” is mumbling to herself about something called “the return of Ultra”…

Back on the Gekko, Eureka tells Ao about her adventures with Renton and the Gekkostate.

Once again, my inner fangirl gets very excited.

Speaking of Renton, they were studying the reason behing the vanishing Scub Corals until the Gekko, Eureka, and the Nirvash TypeZERO got swallowed up and eventually landed here. She also mentions that the Nirvash Mark 1 is the one Renton is designing. They’re interrupted by Team Pied Piper’s arrival. Ivica comes to greet Eureka. As revealed 10 years ago, she helped the Okinawans fight off the first Secret that appeared, where she met Ivica and Endo. Her making contact with the Quartz caused the same Scub Burst which she vanished in and where Naru saw the Sea Collosus. It’s also revealed that Generation Bleu collects Quartz in order to prevent more Scub Bursts.

At this moment, my second assumption is confirmed right: This Eureka is from the past, before she gave birth to Ao and appearing in Iwato Jima. Also, according to Georg after retrieving data about the Gekko and that the year mentioned in the data is 12005, Eureka is from the future.

So the Gazelle Agency appears as well, and Noa tags along. Yay, Noa! 😀 Generation Bleu seems to want her in order to find out more about Scub Corals, but Ivica wants her back to her own world. However, a JAF strike team led by Endo comes in and takes Eureka.

During his scuffle with Gazelle, Ao sees what appears to be Eureka, but it’s actually Truth in disguise.

Shapeshifting can get very perverse sometimes…

Anyway, after waking up after getting knocked him out by Truth, Ao sees a spirit Eureka who tells him that he must send her back to her own world. Before she disappears, she says that Secrets are not the enemy. Meanwhile, Truth goes after Eureka, but Ao in the Nirvash Mark 1 appears to fight him. It appears to look like Truth is the Secret that Eureka fought 10 years ago, now taken human form.

Also, Endo remembered a time where Eureka wanted him to look after Ao shoukd something happen to her. He turns his attack on Truth, but is no match for him. The episode ends with Eureka launching in the Nirvash TypeZERO, vowing to protect the planet.

Good episode, but I can’t help but wonder: If Secrets aren’t enemies as Eureka said, then that might mean that Truth is the only Secret that’s the most antagonistic. Hopefully, next episode might clear up some more things.

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