Sword Art Online #21: Asuna Gets Raped… Again (Now With 100% More Tentacles)

After witnessing these brains, Asuna finally realizes the shocking truth: She’s missing one herself!
And I’m beginning to think if the original author is missing his.

It’s really mind-boggling about how anyone can make Asuna, an already worthless character, even more worthless…

The answer is simple: Have her get tentacle-raped! Just when you think this show can’t get any worse, it delves into territory that only most ecchi anime would dare go.

Yep, that’s all I can say while still forming coherent sentences. Really, this show has reached an all-time low that I can’t even think of anything else to write. You have no idea how much Sword Art Online pisses me off. This is the last nail in the coffin. Am I gonna survive these next four weeks?

Well, so much for that escape plan. At this point, it’s pretty much obvious that Asuna isn’t exactly Princess Leia when it comes to self-rescue.

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