Guilty Crown #5: I’ll Make a Man Out of You

(Be a man) You must be swift as a coarsing river

(Be a man) With all the force of a great typhoon

(Be a man) With all the strength of a raging fire

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Man I can’t believe I made a Mulan reference… ūüėÄ

Because Gai's a badass, and you're a wuss.

I sure hope that Shu doesn’t go all world-ending mode, because¬†I might have to end up¬†taking back every snide¬†crack I ever said about him.

The more I watch this show, the less it looks to me that it’s branching away from Code Geass, which is good. Anyway, concerning this episode, this one was another satisfying episode. With Shu finally joining Funeral Parlor, the plot can get moving, and even more so with all these developments that occured.¬†It seemed that all of what Inori said to Shu, about her belonging to him was all set up by Gai and may not be Inori’s true feeling, which is kinda sad. Speaking of which,¬†I get the feeling that¬†she might be a relative (Or maybe a clone)¬†of someone Gai used to know. Also we got to know about Ayase’s some more, and to me she¬†became more than¬†a cross between Kallen and¬†Nunnally¬†(both Code Geass¬†characters). Heck, she might be¬†yet another tsundere I’m starting to like.¬†I actually do admire the fact that he’s capable defending herself outside of¬†the cockpit.

And what with the GHQ’s new¬†Kill Sat, things are¬†really starting to heat up now.

Told you she was tsundere. Didn't I say that?

I bet someone's playing some porno music right about now.

"Pardon me, I need to pull something outta your chest!"

Looks like the GHQ got their hands on Damocles...

2 thoughts on “Guilty Crown #5: I’ll Make a Man Out of You

  1. Jesse

    Your blogs on this anime are way off – the similarites between Guilty Crown and Code Geass are only on the smallest level and as for your reference with to the Democles…. well, no. I could name two other animes off the top of my head that actually use satellites with offensive capabilities, that would be Mai-Hime and Sekirei, oh wait one of the Final Fantasy movies also has one, well that makes three. It did not coin this idea from Code Geass. Unless an anime is identical to another I would be very careful with the comparisons because there isn’t an anime out there that is so original that it can’t be compared to another, because of similar plot lines, themes or characters. Your on very shaky ground there. Guilty Crown shares a few similar themes with Code Geass, as do many other animes out there!

    1. DarkstarZero Post author

      Perhaps right now the simialrities are at the smallest level, the similarites with this and Code Geass’s first episodes were very much alike. But regarding the Damocles reference: It was the first thing that came to my mind, Code Geass notwithstanding. But now that I look at it, it resembles more of the Zeus Cannon from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.


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